iPhone development Tuesdays: Today bega…

iPhone development Tuesdays:

Today began by testing Cheapest, a nifty little calculator app that finds price differences per unit for items sold in bulk at the grocery store. The handy ‘kerching’ noise that indicates successful completion of the calculation did not play under new iPhone OS. time for some bug-hunting.

I spent some time reading through changes to the audio codecs that run in the new iPhone OS, and thinking about ways to bring those in without destroying backward compatibility. The error that the application was throwing out looked a little bit like this:

Tue Jun 23 14:31:04 unknown mediaserverd[487] : [14:31:04.568 ] AudioQueue codec policy 1: failed to find a codec of the requested type


Then, senior studio developer, Steve, suggested that perhaps this might be a format issue. Good thinking Steve. Three minutes of google searching, and one creative commons licensed new sound effect in a more compatible format later, and my professional iPhone developer testing device (ipod touch) was making happy cash register noises at the touch of a button. Successful afternoon I’d say.

Next challenge: making the iPhone 2.2.1 simulator run happily to check for backward compatibility.